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American saddlebred horses are a gaited with a high stepping fourbeat ambling gait. History of the saddlebred saddlebred society of south africa. Gorgeous saddle horse speaking of horses, today were going to look at the american saddle horse, which is an equine breed that has class and will turn the heads of even the most disinterested person in horses. American saddlebred 99% american saddlebred mare 7gen coi. American saddlebred horse, breed of light horse 1 with great beauty, easy gait, and stamina.

Our horse shows were some of the first in the country to offer western pleasure, classic, hunt seat, show and country pleasure divisions. For 200 years, the breed has been a great riding horse, cavalry horse, and family companion. American saddlebred horse breed information, history. The american saddlebred horse is an ideal horse for driving and leisure riding. So lets learn some facts about this breed thats not discussed to often as you take your tenquestion quiz. The american saddlebred horse is one of the most striking of all gaited horses. The american royal is once again honored to be hosting the upha united professional horsemans association national championship. Please see the dqchs link on this site for a full class schedule and premium book.

The fine harness horse should possess all of the elegance and refinement of the ideal american saddlebred, and its energy should be directed toward animation rather than speed. In many ways, the breeds history parallels that of america and unfolds in pictures in kentuckys saddlebred heritage. Find saddlebreds for sale on equinenow or list your horses for free. Mar 20, 2017 the creation of man and nature in concert, the american saddlebred is truly the horse america made.

The mission of the american saddlebred horse association asha is to promote, improve, and protect the grace, intelligence, and versatility of the american saddlebred, and to provide programs and services supporting our members, while fostering public awareness of the breed. Physical description the american saddlebred horse stands to the average of 15 to 16 hands 60 to 64 inches, 158 to 172 cm high. A good place to start is the american saddlebred horse association asha. The thoroughbred, morgan, standardbred, arabian, pacers, and easy riding horses of a mixed background contributed. Watch as professional american saddlebred trainer smith lilly reveals five expert tips that make a winning american saddlebred saddle seat or driving horse. In order to compete, all horses must be registered with the american saddlebred registry or the canadian live. Descended from ridingtype horses bred at the time of the american revolution, the american saddlebred includes the narragansett pacer, canadian pacer, morgan and thoroughbred among its ancestors. The american saddlebred horse has also been used as parade, cow, and plantation horse.

Sep 01, 2010 hardcover with fullcolor photography throughout. Oct 29, 2008 the american saddlebred is the worlds most beautiful horse, at least according to its admirers. Sonamed on account of its great suitability for riding, it is also famous because of its easy gait and cordial nature. The american saddlebred museums art, antique, and rare book auction has earned its reputation as a venue at which a variety of serious equine artwork, antiques, collectibles, rare books, and historic artifacts can be purchased.

In 1991 judy fisher oetinger, photographer todd buchanan and the late lynn weatherman, writerhistorian of the american saddlebred association, combined their talents to produce the first pictorial book exclusively dedicated to the american saddlebred horse. The american saddlebred is one of the most famous and successful native horses of the united states. We would like to remind all our members once again that the welfare of our horses are of utmost importance, in fact, it is the most important. I grew up with some of the best 5gaited horses, and wing commander, who i believe to be the greatest 5gaited horse ever. Learn more about the magnificent american saddlebred. It is the prevailing riding horse of horse shows in the united states. After this terrible strife, american saddlebred horse went to all parts of the nation with returning soldiers. America s horse of distinction is updated with new images, stats and information. Charlotte wilcox discusses the lineage, physical characteristics, life span, breeding, and uses of the american saddlebred, considered to be one of the most beautiful horses in the world. American saddlebred horse farm tours shelbyville 2020 all. The illinois american saddlebred pleasure horse association was founded by a group of pleasure horse enthusiasts in 1971 to promote the use of the american saddlebred as a pleasure horse. Sb saddlebred division 1064 sponsored by hagyard equine medical institute usef 2017 chapter sb american saddlebred horse division subchapter sb1 general qualifications sb101 eligibility 1.

Its specialty is the running walk, a long and swift stride. In order to compete, all horses must be registered with the american saddlebred registry or the canadian livestock records corporation. The american saddlebred horse association was formed in 1891 as the national saddle horse breeders association. Proud and athletic, they light up any space with their presence and eyecatching looks. American saddlebred horse breed of horse britannica. His sire was the thoroughbred greay eagle and his dam a mare of mixed breeding. The denver queen city horse show hosts colorado saddlebred futurity classes each year.

Affectionately known as peacock of the show ring, the saddlebreds beauty, expression, and athleticism epitomize the essence of a show horse. This breed was referred to as the horse america made. It was developed primarily from the thoroughbred 2 and the naragansett pacer. They have a long history, working as a war horse in the past, as well as a comfortable riding horse at present, with an excellent gait. American saddlebred horse association equestrian center. American saddlebred horse association foundation, inc. We are the official body overseeing the breeding, registering and showing of saddlebred horses in south africa.

American saddlebred horse association of ohio home page. Currently, the american saddlebreds are mostly seen in many horse shows in the saddle seat style riding. Lees mount and the most famous horse of the war had breeding typical of an early saddlebred. Rachel a koestlergrack engaging images accompany information about the american saddlebred horse. The saddlebred futurity in colorado is governed by the colorado american saddlebred horse association. Once you get serious about owning a saddlebred, you should join asha and have access to its wealth of information. Reprinted from the american saddlebred horse association, lexington, ky. The combination of highinterest subject matter and narrative text is intended for students in grades 3 through 7. Kentucky american saddlebred pleasure horse association. From the elite competitor to the backyard companion the horse for you is the american saddlebred. American saddlebreds, especially 3gaited and 5gaited have always been my favorites, even though it.

The american saddlebred is the quintessential show horse. Our newsletter subscribers are the first to know about breyer product releases, store specials, breyerfest and more. History of the american saddlebred paul cates stable. Nothing can match the fire and brilliance of the saddlebred horse. Kentucky and the show horse public have a sales venue that draws the largest number of buyers and sellers. The morgan horse is one of the earliest horse breeds developed in the united states. The tennessee walking horsea breed derived partially from the thoroughbred, standardbred, morgan, and american saddlebred horseserves as a comfortable riding mount used to cover great distances at considerable speed. We invite you to join us at our upcoming sale, where youll find a professional, experienced and responsive staff to enable. American saddlebred horse breed information, history, videos.

Kasphas mission is to promote the american saddlebred as a pleasure horse. Discover your joy and start your saddlebred story today. American saddlebred expert advice on horse care and horse. Professional american saddlebred trainer smith lilly details the top five factors that make an american saddlebred a winner in the show ring and discusses training methods. American saddlebred horse, breed of riding horse possessing several easy riding gaits and great vigour and style. The american saddlebred is a horse breed from the united states. Tracing back to the foundation sire figure, later named justin morgan after his bestknown owner, morgans served many roles in 19thcentury american history, being used as coach horses and for harness racing, as general riding animals, and as cavalry horses during the american civil war on both sides of the. But the saddlebred is also much more than a show horse. No group limit, there is no cost for a tour if staying in a shelbyvilleshelby county lodging accommodation, although a donation is suggested. Here are some tidbits of information about the breed that you might not already know. Kentucky american saddlebred pleasure horse associationkaspha.

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